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Haircare for Hair loss - Hair growth formula

Haircare for Hair loss - Hair growth formula

Many people regard their hair and its condition as a sign of health and beauty. To many it can be an important part of their identity and persona, and experiencing thinning, brittle, dry and damaged hair is a worst nightmare for some. People are often looking for supplements on the market which will deter hair loss and boost regrowth. With the aim of providing essential nutrients to promote hair health and subsequent growth we put together our own formula in a convenient to take capsule - HairCare Plus!

The structure of a human hair follicle is very complex. It consists of an external and internal root sheath, the hair shaft/fibre, the bulge and the sebaceous gland. The swollen bottom part of the hair follicle is called the hair bulb, it is here that houses the papilla and the matrix - parts which play a very important role in the hair growth cycle.

What causes hair loss?

Our hair follicles cycle independently meaning we are continuously growing, resting, and shedding hair at the same time, so the density and total number of scalp hairs does not change. The cyclical process consists of 3 phases – anagen (a growth phase lasting anywhere between 2 to 5 years), catagen (a short transitional phase approximately 2 to 3 weeks, occurring at the end of the anagen phase), and telogen (the resting phase of the hair follicle lasting around 3 to 4 months). The proportion of telogen hair is normally 10 to 15%, with enough hair re-growing to compensate hair loss.

Diffuse hair loss is characterised by reduction in the number of anagen hair, combined with an increased number of telogen hair. A decrease in the hair density all over the scalp is a result of a disruption of one phase of the hair cycle. Triggers can include physiological stress, emotional stress, hormonal imbalance, and nutritional deficiencies.

Both men and women are affected by hair loss. It’s estimated at the age of 50+ hair loss can impact at least 50% of men, and about 25% of women. At 70+ up to 40% of women have hair loss concerns. Women tend to lose hair on the top of their head. Hair loss in men can be much more extensive and affects mostly the temporal areas and the top of the head.

How to address hair loss problems and achieve thicker and fuller hair?

Hair growth is related to significant factors such as genetics, age and hormones, however primarily the health and growth of hair is dependent on good nutrition, and hair loss problems can be associated with nutritional deficiencies. This means optimal intake of nutrients is vital to maintain a healthy head of hair.

Eating a regular, nutritious, and well-balanced diet including all of the various food groups; wholegrains, plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables, along with a good intake of protein is the best place to start.

We know in modern day living it can be difficult to be consistent and balanced with the diet all the time – nobody’s perfect! So, with this in mind, we thought about the need for additional support and help in providing your hair with all of the right nutrients. We carefully researched and put together our capsule formula targeting hair growth.

HairCare Plus contains one main active ingredient - AnaGain™ which has been researched and developed to combat hair loss and promote hair growth. It has been deemed as a natural and sustainable contributor to fuller and thicker hair.

AnaGain™ is a plant source ingredient based on young organic pea sprouts with a significantly high concentration of phytonutrients; many of which are known to exert beneficial effects on human health, or play an active role in fighting diseases, such as with the exertion of antioxidant activity.

A clinical trial studying the gene expression profiles in hair follicles, showed that the treatment with an extract of pea sprouts had a stimulatory effect on hair growth. It reactivates hair growth by stimulating the dermal papilla signalling molecules, key to the hair growth cycle, and prolongs the life cycle of hair.

Analysis showed reduction of hair loss and restored vitality. Volunteers also experienced an improvement in hair quality (determined by self-evaluation).

The most significant result from clinical studies involving AnaGain™ was the achievement of denser hair in just a 3 month period. It was observed that the hair growth coefficient indicating the proportion of active hair follicles (anagen to telogen hair ratio) was improved by 80% - from 4 to 7.2. (A ratio of below 5 means that not enough hair is re-growing to compensate for hair loss). The study indicates that hair regeneration was restored to a normal level.

The HairCare Plus formula contains other ingredients alongside the AnaGain™ which can help with hair growth and health such as: Bamboo Extract, N-Acetyl-L Cysteine, MSM, Cynatine (keratin), Ashwagandha, Moringa, Nicotinamide Vitamin B3, Resveratrol, Vitamin C, Zinc Glycinate, Vitamin B6, Copper and Biotin.  

Formulated as a convenient and no-fuss capsule, so an easy addition to your normal daily diet, we recommend taking just 2 per day. Each bottle gives a 30 day supply. 

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Haircare for Hair loss - Hair growth formula

Haircare for Hair loss - Hair growth formula

Many people regard their hair and its condition as a sign of health and beauty. To many it can be an important part of their identity and persona, and experiencing thinning, brittle, dry and damaged hair is...
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