World Wellbeing Week – When is it? What is it about?


World Wellbeing Week runs from 24th – 28th June and is an opportunity for businesses, charities and individuals to get involved in raising awareness for various aspects of wellbeing; these include social, physical, emotional, career, community and environmental.

As a healthfood supplements manufacturer and supplier we are all about encouraging people to consider and support personal wellbeing. It is important to love and take care of yourself and your health first of all, in order to benefit those around us.

We offer a wide range of supplements, including a selection aimed at beauty, such as hair, skin and nails. If you look good, you feel good as they say! Seeing the benefits from beauty supplements, such as collagen, reflecting on the outside can really change the way a person feels about themselves, increasing their sense of self-worth and giving a real confidence boost - All good for general wellbeing. To see the range and to browse this category click here

Diet & Fitness

Taking time for yourself is important too. Having some leisure time for yourself to relax, pursue hobbies, and for spending time with others is important to help you manage stress levels, and can be key to your wellbeing when we consider other aspects such as mental health. Devoting time to adopt a form of enjoyable exercise into your routine can be one way to do this. Additionally it can help you to stay active and develop your fitness, which is another important wellbeing factor; and it’s not just physical, but mental health that can be improved with the endorphin boost you can get. We also offer a range of diet and fitness supplements you can pair with an active lifestyle, to help you progress and reach your goals. To browse our diet and fitness category click here

Essential nutrientsYou can also shop by ailment on the website, as well as by product A-Z, allowing you to find more easily any supplement to address that specific health concern you may have, which can impact on your wellbeing; whether that be joint care, heart health, digestive health, or something else. We might just have a supplement to help. If you still can’t find what you are looking for you can always call one of our friendly customer service team on 01765 603 816.

With World Wellbeing week in our minds, consider that a carefully thought out supplements regime can go a long way to improving your general wellbeing and how you can actively enjoy your life. As we all aspire to be stronger, fitter, healthier; and ultimately happier… Hellenia loves to help!

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