At Hellenia we support amateur and professional athletes to live life to the full. Part of this is providing the supplements and nutritional advice that allows people to train hard and achieve the results they deserve. This year we were proud to have supported the Melmerby 10K and Fun Run as Official Race Sponsors. Every race participant wore a tabard featuring the Hellenia logo, alongside fellow sponsors drawn from local businesses and service providers.

Figure 1: Race participants - from the Melmerby Road Race Facebook page

The race took place on 27th May 2018, on a varied route taking on roads in and around Melmerby. Melmerby is in a scenic part of North Yorkshire near Ripon, and contrary to some weather reports, the bank holiday sun was kind to us and the thousands of race participants. If anything the weather was slightly too hot, making the free hydration blends we handed out to all runners even more welcome.

New Hellenia Hydration Blend For Runners

Our hydration blends are brand-new products, helping the body conserve vital dioralytes and reducing the risk of dehydration – a real problem for runners in sunny weather. Feedback on the hydration blend was positive, with many runners saying that they intend to incorporate it into their regular race day hydration regime.

The blend is available in two flavours: coconut and melon. The jury is out over which version is most popular. We recommend you try them both and let us know!

Race Results

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the race winners and all the participants in the 10k and Fun Run. Results are given below, but as with any race the winning is only half the story. Thousands of pounds were raised for worthy causes around the country and many people achieved personal best times and important milestones in their fitness. A 10k race may be over in an hour but it is always the culmination of weeks or months of hard work, careful dieting and preparation.

Melmerby 10K Winners

  1. Yohannes Eyob (New Marske Harriers) 33 mins, 03 seconds
  2. Carl Jones (Richmond & Zetland Harriers) 33 mins, 58 seconds
  3. Andrew Dobby (Harrogate Harriers) 34 mins, 55 seconds

Full results available here.

Melmerby 2.25K Fun Run Winners

  1. Tom O’Mahoney 14 mins, 04 seconds
  2. Jensen Brogden 14 mins, 10 seconds
  3. Erin Glover 14 mins, 21 seconds

Full results available here.

A Winning Experience

We have been deeply moved by our experience as official race sponsors. It has given us the opportunity to connect with runners from all walks of life and all parts of the country, each bringing their own fitness story to a unique local event. Next year’s race takes place on the 26 May 2019, so we hope to see you then!