What Does Krill Oil Do For The Body?  Krill Oil is one of our best-selling supplement products and for good reason. Krill Oil is one of the newer supplements to appear on the marketplace and taking it regularly really does have some remarkable positive results for the body. Krill is a sustainably sourced small, red coloured crustacean that looks a little like a shrimp. It lives in the Antarctic Ocean and it is a generous source of phospholipids. These phospholipids carry Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) as well as antioxidants vitamins A & E (which are excellent for joint flexibility, good skin and boast many anti-ageing properties). Fatty acids are long chains of carbon, classified as polyunsaturated, saturated and monounsaturated fats. It’s the polyunsaturated fats that contain Omega-3’s and fish and Krill Oils are the richest source. The main Omega-3’s are known as EPA and DHA and both are recognised for their positive impact on foetal development, dementia and cardiovascular health.

A Healthy Brain & Mobile Joints

Over the years, research continues to prove that Omega-3 Fatty Acids are essential for brain development and general health and wellbeing. Additionally, Omega-3’s also maintain joint flexibility so they have superb benefits for athletes or those suffering with arthritic or painful joints. Our bodies don’t make Omega-3, which is why diet and supplementation plays such an important role. Eating a varied diet including oily fish, such as salmon, is vital. However, one of the reasons why taking supplements is hugely beneficial is because most of the vitamin and mineral content of what we eat is lost. At Hellenia, we recommend that people should aim for 300mg of combined DHA and EPA daily, although some may require up to 2,000mg. Of course, Omega-3 levels vary person by person and there are differences in how people respond to Omega-3. That’s why we believe the best way to boost EPA and DHA is to supplement, and Hellenia Krill Oil is one of the richest sources of Omega-3’s available.

Easy To Absorb

Krill Oil is far more effective than fish oils such as cod liver oil, or even flaxseed oil which, while not a fish oil, is a source of Omega-3’s. This is because its composition is different and far superior. It’s also exceptionally gentle on the stomach and is absorbed quickly into the body, and so takes effect faster than other oils. The best way of explaining this is that Omega-3 fatty acids in Krill Oil attach themselves to phospholipids rather than triglycerides and this is what makes them easier to absorb into the body. This also means that less Krill Oil is needed than other fish oils or Omega-3 sources.

Heart Health and Circulation

As well as being critical in the role of reducing cholesterol, Krill Oilis integral in keeping a heart healthy. Krill Oil Omega-3’s are even more effective than other Omegas. Krill possesses an anti-coagulant which may help to prevent blood clots.

Faster Fitness Recovery Time

In sports nutrition, Krill supplements are superb for aiding recovery. There have been various studies to show that supplementing with Krill can help to decrease heart rate and oxygen consumption while exercising. We also know that using Krill as a supplement lowers inflammation levels because taking Krill increases blood flow to muscles while exercising, so reduces swelling and muscle soreness. This is important because high levels of inflammation can reverse insulin sensitivity and decrease your metabolic rate. This means that without Omega-3’s, inflammation is raised post work-out and can even cause muscle discomfort, impinge tissue repair and generally slow down or impact positive recovery.

Fat Burning

Upping your intake of Krill and therefore Omega-3’s improves sensitivity to insulin, so enhances fat burning in muscles and prevents fat storage. This is a reason why it’s an excellent supplement for athletes who are taking a break from exercising or who cannot exercise because of injury. Regular supplementing with Krill can genuinely slow down muscle loss.


Krill contains many antioxidant benefits and these are vital for the body and skin to fight off environmental damage (free-radicals), such as the harmful effects of the sun, pollution and smoking. As we age, we lose our natural resource of anti-oxidants, which is why it’s important to supplement with vitamins. As Krill contains high levels of Vitamin E and A, it helps skin to retain its elasticity and hydration. This is important in combatting signs of ageing, such as age spots, fine lines, deeper wrinkles and crow’s feet. Additionally, Krill Oilis beneficial in boosting male fertility levels.

What’s Better, Cod Liver Oil Or Krill Oil?

Studies show that absorption of EPA and DHA into the blood after taking Krill Oil is better than Cod Liver Oil or other Omega-3 rich oils (e.g. Flaxseed) therefore a better end result is achieved with regular supplementation. Finally, while there are huge advantages in switching from fish or other Omega-3 oil to Krill Oil, the sustainability benefits are also notable. CCAMLR is a treaty organisation in place between the countries that farm Antarctic Krill to make sure that these crustaceans are harvested in a sustainable manner. This means that there is no detrimental effect to the environment and the species is suitably protected. You can buy 500mg Krill Oil supplements directly from our online store by clicking here. Softgel capsules are available in pots of 60 or pouches of 180.