Hair Loss Prevention: The Best 5 Supplements You Need to Know




How bad are your hair thinning and hair loss problems? If your hair is thin, brittle, dry, and damaged, then it could be a glaring sign that your hair is lacking in the essential nutrients which promote hair health and subsequent growth.

Would you love to reverse this problem to attain healthy-looking hair? Remember, healthy-looking tresses are associated with good healthy and charming beauty. Just like other body parts, the growth and health of your hair are dependent on the nutrients you provide your hair with – and this is the primary reason most hair loss problems are associated with nutritional deficiencies.

Even though hair growth is related to other significant factors including genetics, age, and hormones, you need to realize that optimal intake of nutrients is critical.

Therefore, what are the best five supplements which will deter hair loss and boost regrowth?

Hair Growth


1. Iron Supplement


How much do you invest in iron for your hair? Do you know the potency which lies in iron as regards hair growth? Well, iron may trigger hair growth to significant proportions.

Extensive research links iron deficiency to reduced hair growth and increased hair loss. Such is the study which justifies the role of iron deficiency in an increased incidence of diffuse hair loss, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, and androgenetic alopecia.

The Tehran Medical Science University researchers argue that the status of iron in the body has various impacts on different hair loss types. These experts found that telogen hair loss is typical in individuals with iron deficiency anemia. Individuals with statistically significantly low ferritin are bound to experience telogen hair loss. Notably, the research suggests that there is a higher hair loss risk among women diagnosed with iron deficiency. Equally, telogen hair loss is associated with serum ferritin levels equal or lower than 30mg/ml.

It is critical for your body to have an adequate iron supply to discourage iron deficiency-related hair loss. While such foods as black beans, egg yolks, beef steak, Swiss chard, and spinach are rich in iron, you can still get ample iron levels from iron supplements to add to your dietary sources. A daily multivitamin is a great iron supplement alternative.

Note: avoid excessive supplementation of iron.


2. Biotin Supplement


Are you getting the recommended biotin levels each day? Perhaps, biotin is the missing link to healthy hair. Often identified as vitamin H or B7, biotin has been hailed to discourage hair loss. If your diet is characteristically rich in biotin, you are likely to develop thick strands with increased hair regrowth.

Why is biotin used as an alternative hair loss treatment? This nutrient is beneficial to your hair as it rebuilds your damaged hair shingles due to over-exposure to ironing, the sun, blow-drying, and shampooing.

How does biotin deficiency manifest itself through your hair? Well, hair loss is sure sign of biotin deficiency. Pregnancy, smoking, and liver function impairment is common biotin deficiency causes. Research implicates pregnancy in biotin deficiency. During pregnancy, there’s rapid fetal cell division which requires significant biotin amounts to aid histone biotinylation and essential carboxylase synthesis.

Therefore, expert views recommend intake of even higher biotin amounts during and after pregnancy to cater for the high biotin needs to sustain such critical reproductive phases.

Take a single B-complex vitamin tablet as your daily biotin supplement to reverse hair loss for increased hair growth and strength. In the end, you’ll develop thicker, stronger hair by resolving biotin deficiency.


3. Fish Oil Supplement


Yes, you need a fish oil supplement to trigger increased hair growth, and the justification is simple. Oils with various fatty acid species have been used over the past to treat hair and skin complications.

Notably, fish oil carries omega-3s which work to nourish your hair, boost hair thickening, and alleviate inflammation which in turn prevent hair loss. Therefore, fish oil is a necessary nutrient for hair growth.

What does research say about fish oil components and hair growth? The Cosmetic Dermatology Journal holds that the omega 6, antioxidants, and omega-3 nutrients present in fish oil demonstrate superior hair growth improvement among individuals with pattern hair loss. These nutrients boost hair growth, reduces hair loss, increases hair density, and increases hair diameter.

In addition to including walnuts, tuna, egg yolks, sardines, mackerel, and salmon to your diet, it is recommended that you use fish oil supplement to alleviate scalp inflammation which could be encouraging hair loss. A single top-notch fish oil tablespoon of two capsules of fish oil supplements could significantly increase hair growth.


4. Zinc Supplement


I have had to battle hair loss in the past, and I know the discomfort that comes with it. Don’t suffer the humiliation of hair loss – a zinc supplement could resolve all your problems. In fact, oral zinc supplements have a history of solving hair disorders among them alopecia areata and telogen effluvium alongside other hair loss types by providing health benefits to hair follicles.

Zinc acts as a crucial multiple enzyme co-factor. This nutrient also is actively involved in essential functional effects on your hair follicles. Zinc further serves as an effective hair follicle regression inhibitor while triggering the recovery of your hair follicles. Indeed, studies have shown that some individuals diagnosed with alopecia areata have significant zinc deficiency levels. Therefore, zinc sulfate has been used as a potential remedy for such deficiency to improve their alopecia areata condition.

A study conducted in 2013 in which the effectiveness of zinc as a remedy for telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, female pattern hair loss, and male pattern hair loss shows that there are lower serum zinc mean and lower zinc concentration in individuals with either of these conditions as compared to those without significant hair loss. As a result, the research concludes that the disturbance of zinc metabolism influences hair loss.

Zinc supplementation is particularly critical for individuals with alopecia areata whose serum zinc levels are considerably low. If you have used traditional hair loss remedies with little success, then it’s time you tried a zinc supplement.


5. Collagen Supplement


It’s common knowledge that collagen supplements have been used to efficiently resolve skin aging, nail growth, and bone health complications. But how much do you understand regarding the role of collagen in promoting hair growth? Collagen exists as one of the most abundant body proteins which are essential components of human nails, hair, and skin.

Therefore, it should not surprise you that collagen is essential for hair growth.

But if this protein is abundant in the body, why should you take its supplement? Well, as you age, the body experiences a decrease in its natural collagen levels. This triggers falling and thinning of hair. Collagen is a reliable nutrient for support and increment of hair-building blocks.

Therefore, collagen can strengthen your hair, boost regrowth, and discourage hair loss.

Interestingly, collagen has been associated with the prevention of grey hair as it promotes healthy hair follicle structures to protect the production of hair pigment.

Would you love to treat your brittle and dry strands?

Collagen supplements may even maintain healthy levels of hair moisture. Such supplement is the type 2 collagen 400mg capsules. For a detailed review of this supplement, kindly follow this article.

Hair Growth



How your hair looks goes a long way to determine your self-perception and physical appeal. Thus, hair loss could be a devastating experience, and it gets worse when you have tried to reverse the condition with little success.

However, there are potent supplements which can resolve your hair loss condition to give your thicker, and fuller hair. Biotin, fish oil, iron, zinc, and collagen supplements are some of the scientifically proven remedies which can trigger hair regrowth.

Try them today, and fix your hair loss problems.

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