Acne is an extremely common skin condition among both adolescents and adults. In times of a severe breakout, it can become very draining on your confidence, which impacts social situations greatly.

As a result of the implications on confidence and self-esteem, acne sufferers spend a lot of time searching for a cure to their condition. Usually, topical creams or medications are the first port of call.

However, these “stronger” remedies can have some unwanted side effects and may not be worth the risk. Sometimes it may pay to take a different approach and try to improve your acne symptoms by enhancing certain aspects of your general health.

Health supplements like krill oil can have a number of positive effects on your health, which can lead to the reduction of acne. If you are able to improve your health as a whole and reduce acne at the same time, this is surely a better approach than relying on a cream.

What Is Krill Oil?

Krill oil is a sustainable form of omega-3 oil that is made using extracts from tiny crustaceans called krill. Krill look very similar to shrimps and are found in their millions in the Antarctic Ocean.

Due to the low contaminant levels of the Antarctic Ocean, krill oil is a very pure source of omega-3 fatty acids and is very well absorbed by the human body. The krill themselves also contain very low levels of heavy metals, which are found in bigger fish, due to the krill’s low position on the food chain. This adds further to the purity of the oil extracted from krill.

There are 2 main reasons for supplementing with krill oil. Firstly, increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids can have numerous benefits inside of your body. Secondly, krill contain a powerful antioxidant called astaxanthin, which has its’ own benefits including healthier skin.

How Can Krill Oil Help With Acne?

There are actually a few different ways in which krill oil supplementation can improve your acne symptoms. Here is a short list of the main ones:

1) Reduced inflammation

Various studies, like this one, have observed the anti-inflammatory effects of increased omega-3 intake.

Acne is an inflammatory response to contaminants in your skin cells, so could certainly be improved by reducing inflammation within your body.

It should be noted that the initial cause of the inflammation may need to be taken care of for a complete cure. However, increasing omega-3 intake has been shown to elicit a healthier response to inflammation in general.

2) Balances hormones

It is quite common for acne to appear as a result of a hormonal imbalance within your body. There have been studies carried out on women that have shown how an increase in omega-3 can lead to an improvement in acne caused by hormonal imbalances.

Studies like this one have observed a drop in free testosterone levels in women when ingesting extra omega-3 fats, which is certainly a good sign when it comes to acne prevention, as higher testosterone levels have been linked to acne symptoms.

3) High antioxidant content

Antioxidants have been strongly linked to a reduction in acne breakouts as a result of their anti-inflammatory properties. There has been research to show that more severe acne sufferers often have fewer antioxidants and higher inflammation when inflammation markers were tested.

You can view this site about acne, inflammation and antioxidants for a much more in-depth look at how antioxidants can help reduce your acne.

An Affordable And Effective Supplement

In conclusion, krill oil certainly seems to have enough backing to suggest that it could be a useful option for acne sufferers. With a whole range of other benefits, including improved heart health, it is at least worth trying out.

Krill oil is very affordable so it is worth a go if you haven’t tried omega-3 supplements before. It may also be worth switching to krill oil if you have had some success with other omega-3 supplements since krill oil is more readily absorbed and has a higher antioxidant content than other omega-3 sources.

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