Stress Awareness Month

stress management

Every April marks stress awareness month. An annual 30 day period that is designed to encourage people to share knowledge and information about the potential triggers and symptoms of stress, along with how to recognise and remedy them. Amidst the pandemic and running very closely alongside the issue of mental health, it has never been more important to raise public understanding on this topic - a very important issue that we face in our modern day world today.


There are many lifestyle hacks and coping strategies we can use to help manage stress:

  • ♦ Regular Exercise
  • ♦ Relaxation Methods – yoga or meditation
  • ♦ Organisation & Time Management – keeping a diary
  • ♦ Leisure time & Hobbies – ‘Me’ timeAshwagandha
  • ♦ Regular sleep patterns
  • ♦ Digital Detox – ‘Switch off’ and take a break from technology


As well as this adaptogenic herbs may provide another means of managing stress levels – benefitting the mind, energy levels and immune system. A class of rejuvenating herbs, they help to balance the way the body adapts and responds to pressures – helping to fight stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Ashwaghanda is commonly referred to as Indian Ginseng, and has been widely used as an adaptogenic herb since ancient times. It has traditionally been used for rejuvenating and restorative benefits, and is said to boost the immune system and reduce stress and fatigue. It modulates the body’s cortisol levels (this is a stress hormone) and our response to stress and changing environments, helping the body to maintain balance in order to cope with external and internal pressures. One study showed that high-concentration full-spectrum Ashwagandha root extract improves an individual's resistance towards stress and thereby improves self-assessed quality of life.

At Hellenia we manufacture our Ashwaghanda capsules using KSM-66® - A registered trademark, meeting the highest quality standards. It is derived only from the roots of the plant, and extensive research & development have led to a unique extraction process that makes it the highest concentration full spectrum extract on the market.

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