We have manged to catch up with Hellenia ambassador, Sharon Gayter who is 6 weeks away from her 'One million meters on a treadmill' challenge.

Here is her update:

"Not long until I attempt to run one milllion metres on a treadmill. Recently I ran the Plean parkrun on the Saturday in wet and muddy conditions, our Springer Spaniel Baxter loved it the most and was a challenging course.  Results for the 5km were 6th lady with 25 mins 09 seconds. The next day was the first Livingston Half Marathon.  Driving to the event in the snow and ice I really thought the event would be cancelled and was surprised to find runners collecting their numbers despite the conditions.  It was a bitterly cold day and the course was lethal, it should not have gone ahead and can honestly say this was the most slippery conditions I have even done a road race in. I went off route and slipped many times on the ice on the twisty course.  The result was 14.5 miles in 2 hrs 2 mins, a new personal worst and a pull in my left glute and hamstring.

Six weeks until my next event and the long runs were done on the treadmill midweek as I only has some short races at the weekend, 80 miles run for the week.  On Saturday I did the closest parkrun to my house, Flatts Lane parkrun, now billed as the toughest parkrun in the country with 387ft of climbing.  The result was 26 mins 20 seconds and 5th lady.  On the Sunday I went to the cross country at Richmond old racecourse.  The tweak in my left leg from the icy conditions the previous week became a little more painful on striding out and had to ease off the pace.  A couple of cross training days called for now to let this recover.

This weekend I was in Scotland again, still very cold and icy and a cautious Livingston parkrun was completed on Saturday.  Not a fast performance to avoid aggravating the niggle picked up previously at Livingston Half Marathon.  Mileage has been low this week, but much cross training to let my injury heal which appears to be my adductor muscle."

Sharon Gayter

During the 'One million meters on a treadmill' challenge, every 24 hours Sharon will plan to run 6 blocks of 3 hours running followed by a 20 minute rest to eat.

We are going to create her a product to take while running, to provide energy and hydration. The strategy she is using for the treadmill run is a trial for the JOGLE, with 3 hours sleep per night!

We will continue to keep you updated with Sharon's progress.

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