On Your Feet Britain

On your feet Britain – are you up for the challenge?

28th April 2022 is the day that workers in Britain unite to change behaviours and reduce sedentary behaviour at work. The aim is simple – Sit less and move more!

It’s time to tackle prolonged workplace sitting and boost our health, wellbeing and performance in the process.

Sedentary lifestyles can increase risks to health and amongst other things contribute towards high blood pressure, mobility problems, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, anxiety and depression.

Here are several ideas, some of which we will be trying to adopt in the workplace throughout our challenge. Hopefully we can take these forward and continue, as we become more mindful and try to increase our daily activity levels for the benefit of our own wellbeing:


« Don’t just dine ‘al-desko’ - Go for a lunchtime walk, it will stretch your legs and the fresh air will clear your head and boost your focus and motivation for the afternoon.

« Hold walking meetings – Get some steps in whilst you discuss your work.

« Make and take phone calls standing up.

« Physically go across and speak to your colleagues if they are in the same office building – don’t just rely on emails or telephone.

« Make sure the speaker at any sit down meeting stands when it is their turn to discuss topics.meeting

« Use the stairs more often.

« Walk to work if it is practical, or take a short walk before work. If you take public transport to work then perhaps get off a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the distance. If you drive in, park further away so you have to walk the final stretch in.

« Take regular breaks from your computer to stand up, stretch and walk around the workplace – Set an alert to remind you.

« Look at setting up a lunchtime fitness session or running club – if there is continued interest this could be scheduled as a regular event. It will allow people to socialise and have fun together, boosting positivity and morale.

« Do more chores around the office, e.g. tidying up after tea break.

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Check out the hashtags #SitLess #MoveMore and #OYF2022 for more ideas, and to see how you can get involved.


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