black garlic

Garlic is a plant species in the Allium family, and is closely related to onions, shallots, leeks and chives. A number of cloves make up one single garlic bulb. You are probably all familiar with fresh white garlic (Allium sativum) renowned for its strong taste and smell, - but have you heard of black garlic?

Black garlic is fresh raw garlic that has been aged and undergone a fermentation process at a controlled level of temperature and humidity. It is made by heating whole bulbs of garlic over the course of several weeks, and during this timely process the cloves turn a distinctive black colour, as well as changing in texture and flavour. The result is softer, chewier and sweeter than your normal raw garlic.

Black garlic was first used as an ingredient in Asian cuisine, but is now sought after and rising in popularity all around the world. Like fresh raw garlic, black garlic has antioxidants and key nutrients than can be beneficial to your health. Black garlic is rich in amino acids, and boasts higher antioxidant levels than white garlic, contributing to its various health benefits. Black garlic has more of a compound called SAC (S-Allylcysteine), which helps the body to absorb allicin. Allicin is one of the sulphur containing compounds responsible for the strong aroma of garlic. It is this and its other sulphur containing compounds that scientists believe are responsible for many of the health benefits garlic boasts. With a greater concentration of SAC, black garlic may be more effective at helping the body to harness the benefits that the allicin content in the garlic provides.

Historically garlic has been used for its numerous health and medicinal properties. So many health benefits of garlic are widely known and supported through human research, including immune system support, anti-inflammatory effects, and improved cardiovascular function. Promisingly black garlic is also being studied for its suggested cancer-fighting potential. This is why so many people today still use garlic supplements daily as a part of their healthy lifestyle.

Studies show that black garlic demonstrates significantly higher biological activity than fresh garlic, such as antioxidant properties¹. With these facts in mind we have taken the opportunity to replace our standard Garlic Tablets, and offer Premium Aged black garlic capsules. Our new 1200mg Aged Black Garlic Capsules are a welcome and valuable addition to our product range, and we are excited to launch them.Aged Black garlic capsules

As with any new supplement it is important to discuss with your doctor or a healthcare professional before introducing it to your diet, particularly if you are on any existing medication.

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