New Native Whey Product Launch!
Micro filtered whey protein isolate from grass fed cattle. Added BioCore Edge digestive enzymes. No hormones or anti-bodies.
3 NEW flavours! Pina Colada, Madagascan Vanilla and Belgium Chocolate. NEW formula.

Did you know?
The Native Whey is our new, high potency protein supplement, designed to meet the needs of gym goers and sports enthusiasts of all disciplines. You may be wondering why this product is different to other whey protein isolates (WPI) on the market. The difference – which is expressed in the quality and efficiency of the protein molecules in the supplement – comes from the manufacturing process. The Native Whey is processed directly from grass fed cow’s milk, rather than from cheese by-products. The Whey protein is extracted through microfiltration and spray dried at low temperatures to preserve the milk’s nutrient and enzyme profile.

Native Nutrition 
Native Whey is naturally rich in essential amino acids that cannot be synthesised by the body, including 15% more leucine than in a traditional WPI. Leucine is a key BCAA (branched chain amino acids) in muscle protein synthesis. This degree of naturally present leucine along with its complete amino acid pool, give a unique nutritional fingerprint to the native whey protein matrix. The composition of Native Whey not only triggers muscle protein synthesis, but also builds muscle by utilising the key amino acids.

Benefits of taking Native Whey Protein
  • Encourages muscle growth
  • Shortens recovery time between exercise sessions
  • Improves energy levels and reduces fatigue after exercise
  • Reduces muscular aches

Native Whey provides early muscle power recovery after training. Only 30 minutes are needed to recover your muscle power prior to training vs 48 hours muscle power recovery with WPI supplementation.
Native Whey helps increase sprint speed vs WPI. The sprint speed can be increased by 4.5% which could be extrapolated to a 0.5 seconds gain over 100m distance.
Native Whey increases the ability to fully activate high quality muscle fibers vs WPI. Overall, Native Whey optimises muscle potential power output after training.
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Have a look at our new e-book: The Native Whey Protein to find out how to get the best performance output and value for money. Click here to download a copy from our Health Hub.