Marine Collagen

Our Hellenia Collagen series has had a makeover!

Amongst our range of products – Collagen powder is one of our most popular health supplements.

Bearing in mind its rising popularity as a sports and fitness supplement as well as for its use in rejuvenating and anti-ageing treatments, we have recently decided to give our collagen series a bit of a facelift, so to speak.

Our Collagen series consists of 3 different products and each has been given their own individual look. The enhanced product branding now sees all 3 varieties of powder with a sleek new design, available in a measure of 300g, and newly packaged in our stylish round tubs, that can sit neatly on any worktop or be tucked away easily in your cupboards.

Our collagen powders can be added to juice or water, and are formulated using Naticol® - A type 1 Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, derived from fish skins – a natural and sustainable source.

Type 1 is the most frequently occurring collagen within the body, and being the most abundant protein in our bodies - as the structural building block present in muscles, bones, skin and cartilage -we have formulated them to help care for your skin and joints whatever your age.

Our pure Collagen powder is an excellent source of amino acids with >93% protein, and a very high purity degree of collagen protein >99.8%, it has been supported by human clinical studies, and is highly bioavailable and bioactive for the best efficacy.

Neutral, and unflavoured, it is GMO free, Fat Free, Carbohydrate Free, Preservative Free and Purine Free - it is suitable for anyone looking to supplement with collagen, but may be of particular interest to sports and fitness enthusiasts, offering many properties that Whey Proteins do not bring to recovery, such as anti-inflammatory properties. It provides essential amino acids for the repair and recovery of muscle, and joint protection, rebuilding tissues (ligaments, tendons and bones), and can also play a part in weight management as it provides a source of dietary proteins, promoting a feeling of fullness for appetite control.

 Pure Collagen

Our orange flavoured Pro Active Collagen Powder has been formulated with musculoskeletal health in mind.

Joint protection is very important as we age, to help us remain active and fit whilst avoiding injury. Daily stresses we place on our body's collagen containing structures, along with slowing collagen production, means it is necessary to consider supplementation for the maintenance of joint mobility. Pro Active is recommended as a natural preventative for musculoskeletal disorders affecting older people such as reduced bone mass. We have added Vitamin C - for its vital role in collagen synthesis, along with Celadrin® - for its anti-inflammatory, and positive effects on joint mobility and function -  it also provides essential amino acids for joint protection; rebuilding tissues (ligaments, tendons and bones), along with increases in strength, muscle mass and bone density.

 Pro Active Collagen

Our berry flavoured Pro Derma Collagen Powder has beauty and skincare firmly on its radar.

With collagen production and levels naturally declining as we grow older, as well as other depleting lifestyle factors such as smoking, poor diet, environmental pollutants and sun exposure – we have combined the Naticol® with Hyaluronic acid - for its moisture boosting benefits, along with Vitamin C - as a co-factor of collagen production, and Green Tea - for its antioxidant properties. Collagen is essential as it contributes to the retaining of moisture, firmness, smoothness and elasticity of your skin – All important considerations when we think of our quest for anti-ageing effects and great looking skin.

 Pro Derma Collagen

We hope you enjoy our collagen powders, and approve of the fresh new look we have given them. We’d love to know what you think, and which one gets your vote!

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Also to find out more information about the effects of collagen, including the different types of collagen, as well as the benefits of hydrolysed versus non-hydrolysed, and how and when to take it; you can download our free buyers guide to collagen supplements simply by clicking here