The Native Whey is our new, high potency protein supplement, designed to meet the needs of gym goers and sports enthusiasts of all disciplines. You may be wondering why this product is different to other whey protein isolates (WPI) on the market. The difference – which is expressed in the quality and efficiency of the protein molecules in the supplement – comes from the manufacturing process. The Native Whey is processed directly from grass fed cow’s milk, rather than from cheese by-products. The Whey protein is extracted through microfiltration and spray dried at low temperatures to preserve the milk’s nutrient and enzyme profile.

In the chart below we explain why The Native Whey has the edge over many other whey protein isolate supplements.

The Native Whey Whey Protein Isolate
Protein content 95% by volume

80-90% by volume 

Lactose content

2.5% 3.5%

Fat content 

0.5% 2-5%

Mineral additives 

2% 4.5%

Cheese by-products

None - The Native Whey is manufactured directly from milk Some residual antibodies, cattle hormones & preserative chemicals

Protein Bioavailability

Available 30 mins after consumption Available 12 - 48 hours after consumption


Unflavoured, Belgian Chocolate, Madagascan Vanilla White cardboard, Sawdust, Plastic, Fake Strawberry, Brown cardboard (joking!!)

Beneficial enzymes

High in immunoglobulins and lactoferin - extra immune boosting and cholesterol lowering properties Many destroyed during the heat treatment process, making some supplements hard to digest 

Milk source

Grassfed certified rBST (hormone) free cattle Mixed sources, including augmented feed cattle

Find Out More

More information about why, in our opinion The Native Whey is superior to other products is found in our new e-book. The Native Whey Protein exposes the deficiencies of many commercial protein supplements and explains how The Native Whey is engineered to avoid them. The result is a high purity protein supplement that packs more performance punch, gram for gram, than most other commercially available supplements.

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