National Walking Month


Did you know that May is National Walking Month? Walking has so many health benefits. It’s a simple way to help you stay active and is fun, social and free! With the evenings getting lighter and longer now is the perfect time to get your walking boots on, boost those endorphins and Vitamin D levels, and get outdoors.


Even a brisk 10 minute walk counts towards the recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise, helping you to build stamina, burn excess calories and maintain a healthy heart.

There are so many physical and mental benefits to walking such as:

  • ♦ Increase cardiovascular fitness and endurance
  • ♦ Lowers blood pressure
  • ♦ Lowers cholesterol
  • ♦ Lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease and other chronic diseases
  • ♦ Alleviate depression and fatigue; improved mood and increased positivity
  • ♦ Manage stress and anxiety levels
  • ♦ Boost confidence, self-esteem and creativity
  • ♦ Prevent weight gain; help to maintain a healthy weight
  • ♦ Improved posture
  • ♦ Reduced joint pain; keeps your muscles and bones healthy
  • ♦ Improved sleep quality
  • ♦ Boosts memory and concentration


There are also plenty of easy ways to include more walking in your daily routine for example:

  • ♦ You could walk part of the journey to work (e.g. get off the bus one stop earlier)
  • ♦ Catch up with friends for a regular walk rather than meeting over coffee
  • ♦ Walk the kids to school
  • ♦ Take the stairs rather than the lift
  • ♦ Walk rather than driving for short journeys, for example when running small errands or visiting local shops
  • ♦ Go for a family stroll after dinner


When walking it is also important to consider and pay special care to our joints, such as our knees and hips. They have to cope with a lot throughout our lifetime, experiencing wear and tear every day. Conditions such as arthritis are common, and can cause pain, stiffness and inflammation which can all affect our joints – particularly as we grow older. That is why we have produced a special category and a range of popular health supplements to aid our joints. It is aimed at protecting and supporting them, helping to maintain mobility and stability, and allowing us to continue experiencing a fulfilling and active lifestyle for years to come.

We have a wide selection of high quality natural supplements specifically for joint care

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For those of you looking for a more physically demanding form of exercise, running can be another good option; like walking it is free, and is another great way to get outside, and achieve those same important health benefits.

Anyone looking for an additional challenge this month, or for an extra source of motivation can sign up for the Melmerby 10K road race. Amidst the pandemic the event is very different this year, but you will still get the chance to run the actual Melmerby 10K course, beginning and ending in the picturesque village, north of Ripon. The course is open to runners for the whole month of May. It is operating as a self-serve event, people can register and choose their preferred day and time to complete the 10K course. With the use of apps everyone will get a time recorded, and there are prizes being awarded to various category winners. As a free of charge event, any profits from voluntary contributions will be donated to local good causes and charities. Hellenia are again one of the main sponsors, and we are continuing to show our support. As well as prizes, we are providing free native whey protein samples to all runners that take part. If you are interested in taking part in this year’s free of charge event check out the Melmerby run Facebook page.