Krill Oil vs Fish Oil - Which Is Better? As a source of Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil is recognised as having a lot of health benefits. Omega-3 plays an important role in combating cholesterol, encouraging a healthy liver and aiding cognitive functions. Omega-3 benefits memory retention and healthy ageing in the brain. It is also a powerful joint lubricant and anti-inflammatory. All in all a very important supplement to have in your diet! Omega-3 is found naturally in oily fish, such as mackerel and salmon. However, as it isn’t always practical to incorporate enough of these foods into your diet, additional fish oil supplements are a popular alternative. Krill Oil is usually put into the same category as fish oil. In fact, many people use the terms interchangeably. But there are actually some important differences, and in many ways Krill Oil is a better choice. Here are our reasons for thinking so:

1) Krill Oil Contains An Additional Antioxidant

The biggest nutritional advantage of Krill Oil over Fish oil is the antioxidant Astaxanthan. Krill are small, shrimp like creatures that feed on microscopic plankton in the lower reaches of the world’s oceans, especially the Southern Ocean. They are crustaceans rather than fish, and so are protected by a distinctive, red coloured outer shell, or exoskeleton. Astaxanthan is found abundantly in Krill shells, and is also the compound that gives them their red colour. It takes a delicate process to extract the Astaxanthan from Krill. The biomass must be subjected to low temperature steam to separate the antioxidant molecules from the chitinous structure of the shells. The boiling process used to create fish oil would destroy these precious compounds. The additional effort is well worth it. Astaxanthan is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, playing a vital role in eliminating free radicals, which could otherwise cause cell damage or DNA mutations.

2) Krill Oil Does Not Cause Fishy Burps!

One of the least pleasant aspects of taking fish oil supplements is the risk it brings of fishy burps. These often embarrassing side-effects are caused by the presence of T-amines (TMAO and TMA) in the fish oil. Krill Oil, on the other hand, is ‘T-free’, thanks again to the different extraction process used. Thus no risk of fishy burps!

3) Krill Oil Is More Bioavailable Than Fish Oil

An important difference between Krill Oil and fish oil is how the crucial Omega-3 molecules are structured. In fish oil, the Omega-3 is predominantly bound up in triglyceride, a volatile compound that starts breaking down as soon as it hits the stomach. In Krill, around 50% of the Omega-3 content is found in phospholipid compounds. Phospholipids are more stable in molecular terms, so they pass through the stomach and only break down once they reach the small intestine. This makes them more easily absorbed by your body, as less of the beneficial fatty acid compounds are destroyed by your stomach acid before they reach the intestine.

4) Krill Oil Is More Sustainable Than Fish Oil

Fish populations are under intense pressure around the world. Unfortunately, the current popularity for fish oil products is contributing to the demise of many once common fish species. On the other hand, Krill stocks are harvested under strict supervision in the Southern Ocean, where they are regulated by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). CCAMLR is an international organisation that has sole responsibility for regulating Krill harvests. 95% of the Krill harvested in the Southern Ocean is used for aqua nutrition. Krill Oil is taken from by-products of this process, so it does not directly contribute to Krill fishing. The total volume of Krill caught each year currently falls short of the maximum level allowed by CCAMLR, and is therefore a more sustainable option than fish oil.

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