Is Green Tea A Slimming Aid?

As a nation of tea drinkers, green tea holds out a number of intriguing health benefits, as well as being an enjoyable beverage in its own right. But is green tea a slimming aid? This is the question many of us are asking in the aftermath of Christmas, when more than a few people are carrying a few surplus inches. The answer, pleasingly, is yes it is - and not simply because green tea is normally drank without milk or sugar. This is one of a range of health benefits that come from drinking green tea, or, by supplementing with green tea extract.

Why Green Tea?

Let’s start by looking at the basic question of why green tea brings particular health benefits. Are these not common to black tea as well? Biologically green and black tea are identical. They are both leaves of the cultivated tea shrub, camellia sinensis. The colour depends on how the leaves are processed after picking.

For black tea, the comfortingly familiar drink we enjoy with milk every morning, the leaves are first dried and then crushed. This prompts the breakdown of catechins found in tea into thearubigens and theaflavins, the compounds that give black tea in its distinctive flavour and colour. This also increases the natural antioxidant properties of the tea. Some strains of black tea are then fermented or smoked to enhance their flavour or preservative value.

With green tea, the freshly picked leaves are steamed lightly soon after harvest, and then dried. This preserves some of the ‘unprocessed’ tea flavours, as well as many of the less complex catechins, among them some powerful antioxidants.


How Green Tea Helps You Lose Fat

For slimming purposes, the most important antioxidant catechin in green tea is epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG. This has the effect of supressing the enzyme catechol-O-methyltransferase by slowing down the natural breakdown of the hormone norepinephrine[1].

This is important because norepinephrine is the hormone responsible for triggering the breakup of fat cells. The more norepinephrine you have in your system, the more signals will be sent to your body to actively break down fat.

So you start to lose weight around areas of accumulated fat, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and chin. Even better than this, the increased natural fat burn speeds up your metabolism, giving you more energy and helping you feel more alert. This is good news for anyone who feels sluggish or lacking in energy during the dark days of January, and is also a great boost for people combining weight loss with increased exercise.

Tea in general is good for you, but this energy enhancing characteristic of green tea makes it even better for people interested in losing weight and gaining fitness.


Matcha Green Tea Powder Supplements

Incorporating any amount of green tea into your diet will bring positive health benefits, but you have to drink a lot of the stuff for it to make a noticeable difference to weight loss. This is why many people prefer to supplement with a high quality, concentrated green tea supplement, such as our Matcha Green Tea Powder. You could also try our Greenselect Phytosome, a caffeine free green tea extract.

Processed from pure, raw dried matcha tea leaves, our extract is rich in phytonutrients and will give you a nice energy boost, as well as contributing to a fit and active diet. As with most fitness goals, for them to last beyond January they have to be sustainable, which is why we always recommend that green tea supplements are taken in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet, a range of carefully chosen supplements and an achievable fitness routine. Please browse our online store for more suggestions.