Celadrin cream is a topically applied supplement that has been shown to have numerous benefits for individuals that are suffering from joint or muscular pains. Although it may be relatively new to most of us in the UK, it has been studied and used effectively for some time in the United States.

The cream is made up of a proprietary blend of fatty acids that have gone through a process called esterification. This process leaves a compound of different fatty acid compounds that, when arranged in a specific way, can be used for joint pain management and anti-inflammatory treatments.

By enhancing the membranes of your cells, Celadrin helps to provide the cells with added elasticity and fluidity. This is particularly helpful around your joints where extra fluid can provide lubrication and cushion.

What Conditions Can Benefit From Celadrin?

Celadrin is alleged to improve the symptoms of a number of different joint and muscle-related conditions. Below is a list of them.


By providing lubrication and fluid to the cell’s membrane, Celadrin can help relieve the pain associated with osteoarthritis, which is a common degenerative condition in older people.


Fibromyalgia is a common, long-term musculoskeletal disorder that can cause pain throughout the entire body. Widespread muscle pain, joint pain and fatigue are some of the symptoms.

Celadrin cream has been used effectively by fibromyalgia sufferers to decrease the aches and pains that can be extremely debilitating. It received celebrity endorsement this year when Lady Gaga credited Celadrin as one of the factors that helped her to manage chronic fibromyalgia.

Joint & Muscle Injuries

By helping to rejuvenate and repair cells, as well as reducing inflammation, Celadrin can provide effective relief for both joint and muscular injuries, and can also help to numb the pain, which means pain from such injuries can be reduced very quickly.

How To Use Celadrin Cream

With any supplement, it is important that you seek the proper medical advice from a registered professional before taking it.

Celadrin cream is a topical cream that is for external use only and can be applied to an affected area twice per day. You can also purchase Celadrin in capsule form if preferred and a dosage of around 1,000-1,500mg should be sufficient.

Some doctors have been impressed by the results of pairing Celadrin with a glucosamine supplement, which is another popular choice for joint pain sufferers. Celadrin and glucosamine can enhance one another’s effects and lead to more dramatic results.

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