How to combat cellulite – Anti-Cellulite Capsule Launch

After much anticipation Hellenia are really excited to finally announce the launch of our latest new product – Cellulift – A unique anti-cellulite capsule.

Carefully researched to ensure the best quality. Our new formula uses 2 premium patented ingredients, and has been specifically designed to support those suffering with the unwanted problems of cellulite and water retention.

It contains 2 branded active ingredients – SelectSIEVE Rainbow® and TetraSOD® which we will discuss later, but first of all – What is cellulite?


Cellulite is a skin condition, also referred to as orange-peel skin. It can affect both men and women, but largely affects mostly women due to the differing distributions of fat, muscle and connective tissue. It’s said that around 85% of women over the age of 20 will probably experience cellulite, and because the area naturally has a higher level of fatty tissue, cellulite usually affects the buttocks and thighs, but it can occur in other areas too – such as the stomach and upper arms. Cellulite occurs when fatty tissue pushes up through the connective tissue lying beneath the skin, causing that dreaded dimpling effect, and lumpy texture that becomes visible on the outer surface. The connective tissue layer in women is arranged in vertical bands, whereas in men it is arranged in a criss-cross structure, this seems to account for the reason why men seem to be less likely to suffer with cellulite, as well as the fact that women typically have higher levels of body fat than men.

It can be caused and worsened by a variety of different factors such as hormones, diet, weight, activity levels and stress - even genetics can play a role! Sadly it does tend to worsen as you grow older because collagen production declines as we age; skin loses elasticity and you are likely to reduce muscle and gain fat, all of which will increase the risk of cellulite. All hope is not lost though, as there is a lot of helpful advice out there suggesting a variety of different things you can do to try and avoid/reduce the problem. Let’s take a look…

Ways to improve cellulite

Massaging the affected area is commonly suggested as a means to help reduce cellulite. Massage may work to improve lymphatic drainage and boost circulation, as well as to stretch out cellulite dimples and tighten the skin tissue. There are a wide variety of creams that can be applied with active ingredients that are believed to help - Creams containing caffeine or retinol are popular, and many people have said that massaging with these daily over time has achieved visible results. To maintain improvements in the appearance of cellulite consistency is however key with this process.

Cellulite is also often less visible in darker skin tones, and so self-tanning may be another cost-effective way to reduce orange peel appearance. Make sure that whenever possible your tan comes responsibly from a bottle though, and not from tanning in the sun or using sunbeds which have been linked to other skin issues such as premature ageing or even skin cancer. Also remember to exfoliate first to ensure a more even application and result.

Cellulite tends to be more prevalent in people who have excess fat, in smokers, and in people who live a sedentary life – those who don’t exercise and who sit/stand in one position for long periods of time. These factors suggest that lifestyle changes are a good option for reducing the risk of cellulite, and achieving visible improvements over time.

glass of water


Drinking plenty of water is a low-cost solution that may help with the appearance of cellulite. It will keep you hydrated and encourage circulation and lymphatic flow, helping to flush out toxins that can lead to fat accumulation.

Diet and exercise can also play a key part; Losing excess weight by eating a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet and adopting regular exercise can all help. A reduced fat intake in your diet and loss of excess fat from the body can improve the appearance by having less visible fat to push through the tissues.

Certain targeted leg and glute exercises (think squats, lunges, step-ups and kick-backs) may also help by tightening up the skin and strengthening the muscles around the thigh and buttocks region - leading to a reduction in cellulite appearance. Combine this with aerobic exercises (cycling, swimming, dancing or running/walking for example) to help burn off fat.


Professional methods such as laser treatment, liposuction or wave therapy are also available, but are an expensive option and results aren’t often permanent. With all this in mind this led us to further research supplementation as a more affordable and alternative treatment for cellulite, and influenced us to create Cellulift – An anti-cellulite capsule incorporating a unique antioxidant with a synergy of natural compounds acting together in order to reduce both cellulite and body weight.

Each 2 capsule serving boasts 500mg of SelectSIEVE Rainbow® - A natural complex of polyphenols, fibres and enzymes; it provides well-accomplished support in cases of cellulitis, reduced microcirculation, water retention and increased subcutaneous fat mass; providing a natural solution for cellulite and weight management. Its antioxidant activity renovates your body shape helping you get rid of extra weight and reduce orange-peel appearance.

SelectSIEVE Rainbow® functions to counteract cellulite and remodel the body shape by

  • Inducing collagen synthesis – promoting skin elasticity, microcirculation and vasculoprotection
  • Inhibiting enzymes responsible for carbohydrate metabolism - reducing sugar absorption
  • Exerting thermogenesis activity - inducing fat burning and lipolytic action to reduce fat storage
  • Providing veinotonic activity on smooth muscle cells – improving tonicity and firmness
  • Offering detoxifying action, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema properties – reducing water retention
  • Exerting proteolytic activity – enhancing digestion metabolism

SelectSIEVE Rainbow® is not the only superhero in the Cellulift formula – it also contains TetraSOD® the unique antioxidant ingredient that is patent-protected and sourced from marine microalgae. TetraSOD® is a healthy functional ingredient with the most balanced nutritional composition, containing the three antioxidative enzymes (SOD, GPx and CAT), essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and pigments. Bioavailable, and exerting beneficial effects with a daily dose of as little as 25mg.

It exhibits a significantly high SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) activity (>30.000 IU/g), which is the highest concentration SOD source available in the market today. It is science backed, demonstrating efficiency on activating the antioxidant response pathway on human cells.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are a consequence of metabolic processes in the body, and a build-up of ROS can induce damage in cell components (Lipids, Proteins, DNA). They are neutralised by our complex antioxidant defence system. SOD is the first line of enzymes involved in ROS scavenging to neutralise them and protect against oxidative stress.

Research has shown that TetraSOD® induces primary antioxidant enzyme activities (SOD, GPx – glutathione peroxidase, and CAT - catalase) in cells, and has proven clinical effectiveness in antioxidant supplementation; as well as this, TetraSOD® has also been studied for its effects on improving performance and reducing oxidative stress derived from regular exercise. Since it is well-documented that physical activity provokes an increase in the generation of ROS, TetraSOD® offers athletes and individuals with active lifestyles an increased physiological response against oxidative stress to aid performance and improve recovery.

A 30 day clinical trial which involved supplementing daily with TetraSOD® showed beneficial effects over the placebo group including:

  • ♦  A significant decrease in body fat mass.
  • ♦  An increase in maximum O2 consumption
  • ♦  A strong increase in haemoglobin levels
  • ♦  A significant increase in Vitamin E levels suggesting a reduction in oxidative stress levels

As cellulite is linked to oxidative stress in the tissues we have combined TetraSOD® with SelectSIEVE Rainbow® making the perfect anti-cellulite combination. Take just 2 capsules daily. Each pot provides a one month supply. Give it a try today! To order yours, or for further product information click here or visit

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