The World Cup may be over but interest in football is still at an all-time high. Many people are returning to football after years of not practising the sport, and others are turning to the beautiful game for the first time. Football is an enjoyable game to play. It’s a social sport, so many people make lasting friendships by being member of a local team. Playing football improves your hand eye coordination, observation skills, eyesight and teamwork.

It is also a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT). A football game typically involves a lot of moderate activity and jogging – during which time you need to stay sharp and observant – punctuated by frequent sprints and turns.

You need to keep your heart, joints and eyes in great condition to spot and control the ball and protect your body against impacts.

What are the best supplements to support football training? Here are our pick...

The Usual Suspects

Football players benefit from most of the same fitness supplements recommended for other athletes: protein before and after training, creatine monohydrate for lean muscle growth, caffeine for pre-game energy, sports hydration while exercising, and a recovery drink after the shower. A quick post-match beer with your teammates in the clubhouse won’t do you much harm either!

Joint Care

Knee injuries are the most commonly reported injuries among footballers, accounting for over 25% of injuries suffered by professional players. Damage to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament can be particularly debilitating, likely to consign a professional player to the benches for a season or more. Among amateurs, weakened joints and ligaments inhibit performance and force people to retire from the sport. Other common injuries include hamstring and ankle sprains and rips in the knee cartilage.

These injuries come from contact when tackling, but also from the repetitive strain of sprinting, stopping and suddenly turning from a stationary position. Joint support is essential to deter injury and speed recovery.

Some of the most popular joint support supplements are:

Heart Care

A strong, healthy heart is the key to successful high intensity interval training. Professional football training routines train the heart to leap from a low BPM maintenance rate to peak levels in a matter of seconds, before quickly returning them to normal levels.

Sprints, calisthenics and aerobic training circuits contribute to this – following similar principles to training for boxers. You can support your heart and circulation by avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol intake and moderating your intake of high cholesterol foods. Some supplements can also help maintain a healthy circulatory system.

Eye Care

A football player needs good eyesight in order to keep their eye on the ball. With the right eye care regime and a good diet, footballers can enjoy their sport well into advanced age. Many different vitamins and minerals contribute to healthy eyes, of which these are the most important:

  • Vitamin B1 - we sell a Vitamin B Complex supplement containing your full daily intake of B vitamins
  • Vitamin A- Your grandma was right: Vitamin A really does help you see better in the dark!
  • Zinc
  • Lutein - a supplement rich in beneficial carotenoids. Our Lutein supplements are twinned with bilberry for additional punch

The Fitness Support You Need

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