The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are numerous. From heart to joint health, increasing your intake can have several positive effects on your overall health. A common source of omega-3 fats is fish and fish oil supplements. However, krill oil has been shown to be a more potent source of the omega-3 fats that your body needs due to its higher levels of bioavailability and absorption. If you want to the gold standard of omega-3 supplements, krill oil is where you should be looking.

Is Krill Oil Safe To Take During Pregnancy?

Of course, pregnant women want their bodies to be as healthy as possible during their pregnancy. A healthy mum increases the chances of delivering a healthy baby. With so many health advantages to taking omega-3 supplements, expectant mothers are keen to get on board. Supplementation always comes with some worries about whether or not the supplement will have any adverse effects. These worries, for good reason, are even greater during pregnancy. You have no need to fear about safety with krill oil, especially if you are taking it in its purest form, which is K.REAL® oil. Krill oil comes from the antarctic crustacean, krill. Krill is almost at the very bottom of the oceanic food chain. This means that they do not ingest all of the contaminants that larger fish, who are higher up on the food chain, ingest. Heavy metal contamination from mercury is a big worry when it comes to consuming fish and fish oils regularly. This actually makes krill a far superior source of omega-3, especially during pregnancy, as you will not have to worry about consuming those contaminants. The purity of krill oil is enhanced even further by the fact that it comes from Antarctic krill. These oceans are free of the pollution levels that plague other waters around the globe. As alluded to earlier, to be absolutely sure that your krill oil supplement is the purest available, make sure it is K.REAL® krill oil. You can find it here:

Benefits Of Krill Oil During Pregnancy

You can now rest assured in the knowledge that krill oil supplementation is safe for pregnant women, but it is important to be aware of the actual reasons for taking it in the first place. Below, is a list of the top benefits that krill oil can have for pregnant women.

1) Contains Powerful Antioxidants

Krill oil, unlike any fish oil, contains high levels of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a seriously powerful antioxidant that can help you protect your cells from damage. Protection from cell damage is crucial while a baby is growing in the womb. Antioxidants can also have an immune-boosting effect, which means you will be less likely to fall ill during your pregnancy.

2) A Healthier Brain For Your Baby

Omega-3 fatty acids have long been known for their brain-sharpening capabilities. Ingesting enough, taking omega-3 when you are pregnant means that your baby will also receive some of the positive mental health effects as well. It has been shown that mother’s that consume omega-3 during pregnancy give birth to babies with better focusing abilities and fewer occurrences of ADD and ADHD. Better eyesight is another benefit that has been observed.

3) Reduced Stress Levels

A rise in serotonin levels is closely linked to an omega-3 rich diet. Increased serotonin helps you to feel relaxed, calm and more in control of your emotions. Higher serotonin levels mean that you are less likely to feel depressed, anxious or panicked, which is especially important during potentially stressful times like pregnancy. The more stable hormonal environment within the mother and the added serotonin levels can also have a calming effect on the baby, making for a healthier birth.

How Much Krill Oil & When To Take It

Studies have shown that an effective dose is around 1g of krill oil taken each day as a food supplement. This kind of dosage will help to contribute to a more relaxed pregnancy and a healthier birth for you and your baby. You can get the purest fish oil on the market from our Hellenia online shop. All our supplements are sustainably manufactured in the UK in our eco-friendly production facility. Click here to order your krill oil supplements.