Caffeine Tablets

If you have ever been a student you may remember long sleepless nights rushing to get a dissertation finished, keeping yourself propped up on Pro Plus tablets? After working for a long period of time without sleep, your brain begins to switch off cognitive function; starting with the ‘non-essential parts’. Unfortunately, these functions include short-term memory, concentration, linguistic ability, and the ability to create new ideas – all necessary functions for mental work, such as writing a dissertation. It is why you start to lose words, make mistakes and your productivity drops when you’re tired.

Pro Plus – and similar brands – contain an intense hit of caffeine equivalent to about 3 cups of coffee. Their principal use is to keep people awake and alert, forcing awake cognitive functions have gone dormant.

What about using caffeine tablets for sports and fitness training, and not just for warding off sleep?

Let’s take a look.

Is Caffeine Safe?

Caffeine is so ubiquitous that we sometimes forget it is an exceptionally strong stimulant, and useful too. All too often, caffeine gets a bad press, but this isn’t fair. It is a natural stimulant that in reasonably high doses is completely harmless. It is only when overused, and combined with harmful triggers such as high stress, bad diet or lack of exercise, that it poses a risk to cardio health.

Caffeine For Fitness

Athletes, runners and gym goers can all benefit from caffeine tablets to improve their concentration, boost stamina and increase their enjoyment from exercise. When combined with brain boosting vitamins, such as vitamin B12 and vitamin C, caffeine can speed up the recovery process, and make you feel less ‘worn out’ after exercise. This is useful to bear in mind if you are one of the thousands of people who use the gym on their lunch break. How many times have you been put off a gym session by the thought of not being on form for an important meeting after lunch? Caffeine supplements can help overcome this.

Caffeine Tablets From Hellenia

We offer a powerful caffeine supplement for sale in our online store, at less than £5 for 120 tablets. The tablets are all-natural, vegetarian and vegan friendly supplements, with high purity caffeine extracted from natural sources. They are designed specifically for athletes (unlike Pro Plus and other commercial caffeine tablets), delivering 100 mg of caffeine to give a gentle but sustained energy boost and increased focus lasting a couple of hours.

The Alternatives…

The results of using caffeine as a fitness supplement are preferable to many of the alternatives, such as energy drinks, which are crammed full of sugar and are in many ways counter-productive. Caffeine is synergistic with many others fitness supplements, meaning that it works well alongside multivitamins, protein supplements, omega-3 supplements, and creatine.

Try Caffeine Supplements Today

So if you are tired during the dark winter months and are struggling to find the motivation to exercise, don’t turn to sugary drinks or let your discipline slip. Try a natural caffeine supplement for the next month and see how it benefits your workouts. We are sure you will be pleased with the results.

Please note: Caffeine is a natural cardio stimulant. Always follow dosage and use instructions and consult a doctor if you are in any doubt. Caffeine tablets may not be suitable for people with heart conditions, athletes over the age of 50, or people who already use caffeine heavily in hot drinks.

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