Krill Oil Vs Cod Liver Oil - Which Is Better?

There are several Krill Oil brands available in the UK, some of them manufactured here and some available for import from US manufacturers. Before we started stocking Krill Oil we got in touch with all the main brands, and finally decided to start supplying K.Real®, in our opinion the best Krill Oil formulation available on the market. This article explains the reasons why. K.Real® is a Krill Oil extracted using a unique multi-stage oil extraction process (MSO), pioneered by Enzymotec, an Israeli health nutrition company. We work directly with Enzymotec to produce and retail K.Real® under licence. Our K.Real® Krill Oil supplements are all processed, packaged and sold from our facility in the UK, under Hellenia branding.

Low Sodium Levels

A major problem with all seafood and fish based supplements is their high sodium level. This is often enough to put people off taking Krill Oil supplements, despite their widely recognised health benefits. Average sodium consumption across the EU is approximately 4 g per day, which is more than double the recommended 2.3 g for the general population, and nearly 2.5 times the 1.5 g level recommended for high-risk groups, such as people with high blood pressure. A big advantage of K.Real® is therefore its low sodium level, achieved through its unique, multistage oil extraction process. During comparative tests with two competitors, K.Real® had a sodium content of 700 ppm. This is far lower than the 1,200 ppm stipulated by the EU for a supplement to qualify as a low-sodium product. The two competitors averaged at 1,200 and 2,000 ppm respectively.

MSO Multi-Stage Oil Extraction Process

In addition to the low levels of sodium, K.Real®’s innovative MSO extraction process brings the following significant advantages:

Maintains Natural Phospholipid Structure

MSO extraction is a gentler process than standard Krill Oil extraction and far less destructive than the refining used to make fish oils. This brings the advantage of maintaining natural phospholipid structures, which give a 10 to 15% higher bioavailability of EPA and DHA (variants of Omega-3) fatty acid chains, compared with other Krill Oils. Furthermore, in K.Real®the phospholipids are far more stable compounds, meaning that the product retains its quality and freshness for far longer than the alternatives.

Maintains Astaxanthin

The natural red colour of Krill comes from astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body against the damaging effects of free radicals. The MSO process preserves a higher level of astaxanthin than other extraction processes, adding to the health benefits of K.Real®.

Maintains Omega-3 Fatty Acids

K.Real® outperforms most other Krill Oil supplements in its consistently high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. These always meet or exceed their stated levels.

Removes Impurities

K.Real® has the highest purity level of any Krill Oil currently on the market. The manufacturing process removes all water-soluble compounds. These include free-floating proteins, which are a common source of allergens, and chlorine cations, which are oxidising agents. K.Real® has been tested to have a total volume of water-soluble compounds of less than 0.2%, with its main competitors composing between 1.5% and 3% compounds.

Removes Fishy Smells

One of the main impurities removed by the oil extraction process are amine “T” compounds. These are the molecules that give some fish and Krill Oil supplements their distinctive ‘fishy smell’ and are the source of fishy burps. K.Real® has the lowest amine level of all its competitors, so much so that it can boast of being ‘T-free’. Typical values are less than 12 mg/100g for the main amine compounds (TVN, TMA and TMAO), compared with 10 to 200mg /100g for competing brands.

Order K.Real® Direct From Hellenia

K.Real® is the freshest, most potent and most sustainably produced Krill Oil product in the UK. You can order our K.Real® Krill Oil supplements directly through our online store by clicking here. We sell them in 500 mg softgel capsule form, available in slim line pots of 60 or pouches of 180.