Benefits of Activated Charcoal supplementation and how to take it

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Talk of activated charcoal is rising in the media, and you have probably seen it appearing on the shelves more and more, in health food shops, and health and beauty stores. It is being more widely used in healthcare goods such as whitening toothpastes, and a range of deep cleansing skincare products, as well as being available in a variety of supplement forms to take such as powders, tablets and capsules.

Historically used as a treatment in cases of poisoning, for its ability to bind to toxins and flush them from the body, activated charcoal is the latest ‘detox’ trend.

It is a fine black powder typically made from carbon containing material, for example wood or coconut shells. It is processed which involves it being heated at a very high temperature to create charcoal, which is then oxidised (this is known as the activation process). As a result of this processing activated charcoal has smaller particles with a lot of tiny holes in their surface, giving it an increased surface area, and making it more porous than regular charcoal. This gives it a sponge-like property allowing it to soak up and bind a variety of chemicals, and is why it is often seen used in filtration processes and products such as water filters.

Activated charcoal is deemed to be a great health supplement for aiding digestion, and many people take activated charcoal as a means of reducing bloating and flatulence. This is because of its unique chemical structure which allows it to soak up and bind to food by-products and gas generating toxins, helping to remove and eliminate them from the body. Reducing their absorption in the gut minimises the effects and discomfort they may cause on the body and in our digestive system.

Activated charcoal is said to promote a healthy digestive tract by cleansing toxins and chemicals from the body that can potentially cause allergic reactions, oxidative damage and poor immune system function.

In our modern world toxins are a concern, they can come from processed junk foods and environmental pollutants, potentially they can contribute to brain fog, low energy, premature ageing and cellular damage; flushing them from the body will benefit all major organs and particularly support the liver and kidney functions as they work to filter waste and detoxify the body. This can have further positive impacts on the body, such as a boost to energy and improved mental function.

One convenient and easy way to take activated charcoal is in capsule form. Our 300mg capsules use Activated Charcoal sustainably sourced from coconut shells. Take 1 – 3 capsules per day with a meal. It is also recommended to drink an adequate amount water when taking activated charcoal.

Importantly it is worth noting that activated charcoal may also reduce the absorption of certain medications. Therefore, it would be advisable for individuals taking medications to consult with their doctor prior to taking it.

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