National Senior Health Fitness Day falls on 27th May this year. The event aims to raise awareness that keeping fit and active is an important part of life no matter your age. Exercise comes with a wealth of benefits, both physically and mentally, and there are even ways to exercise if your mobility is low. Exercise gets the heart pumping and promotes good cardiovascular health, as well as minimizing stress levels through the release of feel good endorphins and regulating your sleep-wake pattern. You can find useful exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home by using a workout DVD or following a workout plan online with little to no equipment, even exercise you can do from a seated position. You could partake in more social exercising such as swimming or classes that can be done at your local leisure centre, once safe to do so. Keep reading for some low impact ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily life.

Light weight training can build muscle mass and retain bone density without causing too much strain on your body. 2-5kg weights could be used or if you do not have access to those, tinned food or bottles of water could be a great alternative. If you are just starting out, you may not need any weights at all, just the movement alone can start to build up your muscles and get your blood flowing. Try Tricep Extensions or Bicep Curls.

If you are able to, walking, either around your home or outside, and jogging are great ways to get exercise as it can be adapted to your own abilities. As a beginner, a slow stroll is enough to release feel good endorphins and get your joints moving.  If you feel you can, incorporate knee lifts and arm movements to make the most of your workout.

Yoga can be a great low impact way of improving strength as well as balance and flexibility. There are many other benefits to yoga including reducing stress levels and improving sleeping habits. Put on some calming music and spend half an hour stretching and being at one with your body. You can find a range of yoga videos online for free, ranging from beginner to expert.

Although currently your local pool may be closed, swimming is a low impact exercise that is gentle on the joints while improving heart health, flexibility, muscle strength and tone. It is also a great change of scenery and can be something to look forward to weekly. It is an excellent way to meet new people or may be a fun activity to enjoy with family.

Whatever form of exercise you choose, we offer a great range of health supplements designed for the older generation to help with the negative impacts of physical activity. Here are our top 3 products to use alongside a healthy diet and staying hydrated to keep you exercise ready!


Proteins are a necessary part of every living cell in your body. There are 20 amino acids which are the building blocks of protein, and Glutamine is one of them. In the human body, protein substances make up the muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, glands, nails, hair and many vital bodily fluids. The proteins that make up the human body are not obtained directly from the diet. Dietary protein is broken down into its constituent amino acids which the body then uses to build the specific proteins it needs. As we age, our rate of production decreases, so supplementing is a great way to keep those levels up. It is especially important to supplement before exercise, as levels are greatly depleted in your body during the physical stress of training and movement. Our L-Glutamine supplement can also promote quicker muscle growth and recovery time. Other benefits include maintaining a healthy digestive system and providing an energy source for processes that strengthen the immune system.

Native Whey Protein

Protein supplements are not just for bodybuilders. A shortage of protein can leave you unable to effectively rebuild and repaid your muscles. Drinking a whey protein shake before or after exercise can aid muscle recovery. Native Whey Protein comes directly from grass-fed cow’s milk, rather than cheese. This reduces the volume of unwanted hormones and antibodies that find their way to the protein powder. Microfiltration is used, followed by low temperature drying that preserves many of the nutrients and delicate digestive enzymes that would otherwise be broken down. Low in sugar and fat but high in protein (94 % protein content) and available in Unflavoured, Chocolate or Vanilla flavour to enjoy in a shake or even add to your morning pancakes, this whey protein is the ideal addition to your diet to help keep you fit and ready for regular exercise.

Ice Gel

Ice Gel is a fast-acting and cooling solution to aches and pains, ideal for muscle soreness and soothing muscular injuries as the cooling action penetrates deep into the tissue. Muscle pain is mostly a good sign that you are getting stronger and that your work out has been effective. When we exercise, the muscles become torn. We experience pain when the muscles begin to repair. Once the muscle fibres have repaired, they are larger and stronger than before Although this pain is normal, any concerns or unusual/ongoing pain should be addressed with your doctor. Our Ice Gel contains the active ingredient menthol, widely used as a topical analgesic to provide temporary pain relief so you can recover with as little pain as possible. It also contains the additional ingredients arnica and willow extract. Our Ice Gel is a sports bag essential and can be used daily to provide lasting relief.