As we get older, it's important to treat ourselves with care, and this is true when it comes to exercise as well. However, it's a common misconception that older people shouldn't perform high intensity work outs such as body building. Don't let the misconceptions of society hold you back from reaching your fitness potential with body building, as it can be a positive habit for many reasons. Here are five tips that mature bodybuilders can consider through their body building journey to ensure they're able to perform to the best of their ability.


Get clearance from your physician

Our health has the potential to get a bit more complicated as we get older. This is why you should speak with a trusted physician before beginning a weight training routine to be sure that it is suitable for your lifestyle and health.

Warm up properly before each session

Make sure you aren't just jumping into a weight lifting routine! It's important to approach your work out this way because it reduces the possibility of injury and overall strain. Try some aerobics before weight training, or simply complete your usual exercises in a slower fashion at reduced weights to warm up.

Don't go overboard with the amount of weight

Remember, form is everything. So, make sure you aren't sacrificing proper form in order to get more weight into your work out. Otherwise, you might cause trauma to certain joints which will do more harm than good when all is said and done. Make sure that you are fully in control of the movement so you're engaging the muscles in the correct way. It's a good idea to use tools to help you complete the movements. Check out this mobility band for weightlifting information.

Be sure to protect the rotator cuff

Did you know that the most frequently injured part of the body during weight training is the rotator cuff? If you've ever sustained an injury to your rotator cuff, you know just how inconvenient and painful it can be. When shoulder muscles become more powerful, the rotator cuff gets weaker unless you are training it with specific exercises. Be sure to implement rotator cuff exercises into your routine!

Stay consistent

Our bodies naturally start to lose muscle mass in our forties, and it accelerates after you hit age 75. Body building is an activity that slows this process, but it's important that you are consistent with your efforts once you've found a program that is suitable for your needs. At the same time, it's good to give yourself rest days to fully support muscle growth. If you have the motivation to stay consistent, you're on your way to great success with bodybuilding.